22 Jul

20 Advice For Clean & Tidy Home

Cleaning is one of the household tasks that bothers many housewives, given the great time and effort it takes on a daily basis, especially if the mother is working and has more than one child. 

 House Man  gives you some tips for cleaning the house quickly, and organizing it with ease and ease.

 Steps to clean the house quickly 

1- Try to get up early and take advantage of the opportunity to do work that you do not do daily, and leave the routine work for the other days.

2- Make a list of everything you want to arrange and clean, then bring the equipment, tools and detergents that you will need before you start cleaning.

 3- Bring a box to collect the scattered items at home, to put them and arrange them in the appropriate place. 

4- You can play some of your favorite music and listen to it while cleaning to make it easier and more fun. 

5- Stay away from random arrangement, because you will feel exhausted without benefit, so do not arrange everything that your eyes fall on, but rather make a coordinated system for you in the arrangement.

 6- Divide your cleaning schedule into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. 

7- Do not exaggerate in arranging the house and doing all the tasks in one day, because you will either not be able to do them or you will feel exhausted and bored.

8- Do two things at once, for example, you can listen to a useful program while cleaning, or apply a creamy bath to your hair while cleaning the bathroom. 

9- Always try to ventilate the house daily by opening the windows in the morning while cleaning. 

10- Get rid of everything you don't need and haven't used for a year. Too much stuff causes confusion and chaos, and makes the overall house cleaning difficult and complicated. 

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11- Do not completely clean every room and then move to the next room, as this will consume a lot of time, but it is preferable to carry out one cleaning task in the entire house, then start the next task, and so on. 

12- Make every item in the house a fixed place, so that everything in the house should be in a drawer, on a shelf, or even a box. 

13- Dust every room completely, starting with the dust at the top as it moves and lands on the furniture. 

14- After dusting the surfaces in each room, use a sprinkler filled with water to which a teaspoon of baking soda has been added, and spray the mixture in the air in all directions, to remove dust and dirt suspended in the air. 

15- Apply cleaning liquids to the surfaces before cleaning, and let them interact with the surfaces first, to remove stains, especially in bathrooms, sinks, bathtubs and the kitchen. 

16- Change bed linen and furniture coverings in all rooms. 

17- Shine mirrors and glass surfaces using two microfiber cloths, one wet and the other dry. 

18- Make sure to put a small rubbish bin in every room, and accustom your children to throwing everything in it. 

19- Before cleaning appointments, prepare food the day before, so you don't have to do the cooking and cleaning at the same time. 

20-Involve your children in housework and cleaning as much as they can, such as putting things back in their place, as you can assign them a simple task to speed up the cleaning process, and keep them occupied while you finish the rest of your household chores.

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