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How to get rid of mosquitoes at home

How to get rid of mosquitoes at home Mosquitoes, hissing, or mosquitoes are very disturbing and disturbing insects, which begin their activity in warm days to become homes for them, but what is the most effective and least expensive solution?

Here are the best ways to get rid of mosquitoes at home permanently

The law The mosquito, despite its small size, is very annoying and has a great effect, as it emits sounds that may cause insomnia and inability to sleep, in addition to its painful sting that causes severe itching, and with the heat of the weather the situation becomes miserable and unbearable, so it is necessary to think about the available methods to get rid of it In an easy and fast way

Mosquitoes can be completely eliminated by following these methods:

Dry ice to get rid of mosquitoes permanently.

 Dry ice emits carbon dioxide gas that attracts mosquitoes to it, so an appropriate amount of dry ice is placed in a container with a lid, and when the mosquito approaches the dry ice, the container is closed quickly, but this method is considered one of the slow methods that require a long time and patience until The largest amount of mosquitoes accumulates in the container.

Cinnamon oil to get rid of mosquitoes permanently.

Cinnamon oil helps to get rid of mosquitoes, exterminate them, and eliminate their eggs effectively and quickly, as 13 drops of pure original clove oil are mixed with about 113 ml liters of water.

 then placed in a spray can, and a small amount of it is sprayed on the exposed areas of the body and on the  Clothes, on plants and all over the room or even the house, and therefore mosquitoes will never approach the place, but care must be taken not to apply cinnamon oil alone, especially on the skin, so as not to irritate it.

Use an electric mosquito swatter.

There is a mosquito racket available in the market, which works by charging with electricity, and after it is fully charged, it is used to strike mosquitoes, and after striking the mosquito forcefully, it is subjected to electric shock and dies directly, knowing that the stronger the strike, the faster the mosquito dies, and when  Its power runs out, it is put back to charge again and used again.

Use machines designed to kill mosquitoes.

 The simple thermal lighting provided by candles and lanterns in mosquito killing machines effectively kills mosquitoes as soon as the mosquito touches the machine. Most types of these machines contain geraniol, which is one of the strongest and most effective materials for killing mosquitoes.

Pest control services

Pest control companies specialized in killing mosquitoes In the event that mosquitoes are present in a large and exaggerated manner, and following the previous methods, but to no avail, help can be sought from specialized companies to kill mosquitoes, which work to exterminate all insects, not just mosquitoes, and they also work to inspect the gutters, windows, entrances and exits of the house completely to ensure that there are no mosquitoes completely, and thus the complete elimination of mosquitoes.

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